How do I break up with my clingy boyfriend?

So my boyfriend and i have been together for about two months, and we have grown apart over that period of time. I didn't know how to break up with him. (Otherwise i wouldn't be asking lol) Sine at first i didn't know what i should do, i tried to get him to break up with me. I became more distant and stopped talking and texing him. I kinda feel like he is cheating on me with the girl i told him that makes me feel insecure. She has more and longer hair, she's prettier, and everyone likes her more. He at first didn't care about what i was doing and decided to talk to her, but after i started talking to other guys (No flirting involved) he became very clingy and purposely interrupts those conversations and pretended to care about me for those few seconds. I don't know if i should break up with him online, over the phone, or in person and if so then should i make a big scene, or keep it on the down low? And also, if i break up with him the most of the people that we both talk to won't wanna talk to me anymore. I seriously don't know what exactly i should do, but If you could leave some advice for me, then that would be wonderful. And if you could tell me why he is acting like this then that would be great too!!! Have a great day! Bye!!
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  • Do it in person, be honest, but gentle. Tell him you don't feel the same way anymore, and it isn't fair to either of you to continue on. If he tries to push you, tell him that you'd be cheating him by staying, because you no longer have intimate feelings for him.

    • Thank you! Any idea why he's acting this way?

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    • Yup. Defiantly bad ass material. (To me being bad ass is being mature don't ask why XD

    • Haha, it's fine. I understand.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Am i the only 1 seeing the massive insecurities in you?

    but besides that, iff you truly wish to break up because your feelings left... then do it in person.
    but iff you just want to break up because you feel insecure about other girls and can't cope up with it, then don't take any relationshps. it wastes everybodies time

    • added info: iff he really is cheating behind your back and purpously just does what you did describe, i would've beat his ass up for just doing those things.

    • lol ill give you the address and give you some boxing gloves! And umm.. uh yea im kinda insecure. No like... REALLY insecure but that's not the problem. At the moment...

What Girls Said 2

  • Do it at his house so that you can leave once you tell him it's over. Keeps it from becoming a scene and let's you leave instead of having to get him to leave when he'll try to win you back over.

    • Thanks a bunch! But his house is miles away so i'd have to have my mom read with the car since she won't let me drive.

    • That's still a lot better than being trapped with him at your house or somewhere else.

    • TRUE!!!

  • Honestly, I always move on from a date via my standard ONE sentence email.

    • So I email 1 sentence. That's it? What does it even say? XDD

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    • That might help if his locker wasn't next to mine and im forced to be in the same room with him every day 5 days a week!

    • My only advice to you is don't delay.

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