Ex sending me mixed feelings what do I do?

My ex and i for 2 1 / 5 years broke up because his insecurities and I new I'm not were he want to be. When we were together on and off we will always come back he wold call me all day to make sure we stay together and I'll do the same when we broke up. This tiMr was different he really left me for a girl at his work place. Which hurt bad I felt that was the reason he acted cold to me for 1 month before we broke up. I tried to get back together and he said no we fight to much. I still tried 2 times then after that I quit. He would text me to check up on me and won't me to text him back right away Since I left him alone. 2weeks later I told him he wasted my time for somebody else. N I told him he really didn't like love me because if he did he wouldn't did that... yes I was in my feeling because the girl I new her n she always tried to talk to me. One night I thought I came to my senses that I don't want to hate him I want closer so I called he answered he told me he couldn't wait for me to call. N he loves me and misses me. I was trying to act nice. And he told me that this guy I talk to only wants sex. I don't know why he cared. He told me he was still messing with the girl and he wanted to see me.. and wanted to come over for my birthday I asked him why if he had a girl n he no I care about him. He kept avoiling everytime I saI'd he had a gf and he stilled wanted to come.. I asked him why he put her before me n leave me he couldn't answer and he said he can't take it right now and hung up. I tried calling and texting but he ignored me.. what's his problem what does he want? Somebody try to explain this crazy mess. He also got kinda weird when I told him a friend tried to take me to a club.


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  • Stop contact. You two need to be apart and figure out what you want for yourselves and mature a bit. And if he has said no then have some self respect and stop chasing his arse, not woman should have to chase a man.

    • Your absolutely right... I have to let go...

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