What's an appropriate amount of time to wait to ask a woman out?

She was engaged, but they broke up a month ago. What is an appropriate time to wait to ask her out?
I asked her out today. The date won't be until early January. I'm really hoping i didn't jump the gun. I didn't want to miss my chance, she's amazing. But I wonder if she will be ready?
Would like some more female input on this.


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  • Nice... now you just gotta take it slow when it becomes a regular thing, she's probably still doing cartwheels in her head and some trust issues. Those things take time. Why Jan though? people traveling and all?

    • There's an event called first Friday . She would as love it. But as the name implies, it's only once a month. We talk a couple of times a week, and I thought that extra month would give her a little more time and me still be in the picture.

    • I didn't know about the event... but i noticed what you did with the extra time thing. thats why i said nice. Killing two with one stone. maybe three.

    • thanks for the vote... im a little curious why you didn't ask what the third stone was but oh well.. im sure you figured it out.

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  • I would go slow and respect her wishes if she expresses needing more time. I would definitely go slow and keep things light and just try to gauge / hear her out on how ready she is to jump back into the dating scene.

  • I think you should wait
    She probably doesn't want a relationship right now

    • This is the second time in 8 years we 've been single at the same time. Last time I gave her time and space and I waited to long.

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  • Why would you want to be a rebound? She's going to eventually question why she got with you and likely come to the conclusion that she made a mistake.

    • We've known each other for 8 years. This is the second time that we've both been single at the same time. The last time I waited to long and her "rebound" turned Into her fiancee . We've talked about dating in the past, so it's not a new concept.

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