What is too fast to get into a relationship after a three month one?

I waited a month. He was the first guy I met. We met at a social event about a month after the breakup and started dating a few weeks later.

I dumped my ex because I saw signs of potential abuse. I hated being single again. I am over him but I was definitely thrown when I saw how he could be dangerous.

My new boyfriend is someone I would have liked. He wasn't just anyone. I wasn't expecting to find a relationship and he wasn't the first guy to give me attention just the first guy I liked who gave me attention.

However I am still traumatized by my last relationship, but even if I waited a few months I would still be scared of the same things that I am now (meeting another abuser)

Don't we learn through dating anyway?

I truly like my new boyfriend a lot he isn't just a rebound to me.


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  • Don't get into a relationship until you have dealt with your issues, or you will just create problems in the new relationship.

  • If you're ready then go for it


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