Why don't narcissists miss thier victims?

You could love them for years and they don't care at all. What's the reason?


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  • Because they are narcissist.
    You know what that means right?

    • Tell me your definition of it.

    • My definition is that of the Webster's dictionary.

      :a person who is overly concerned with his or her own desires, needs, or interests.

      : a personality disorder characterized especially by an exaggerated sense of self-importance, persistent need for admiration, lack of empathy for others, excessive pride in achievements, and snobbish, disdainful, or patronizing attitudes.
      The lack if empathy for others is the part your question refers to.

    • That defines her to a tee.

Most Helpful Guy

  • My guess - they never walked past a mirror without taking a good look OR they already have dozens of self portraits of themselves on Facebook or other sites. I agree with another opinion - it's always been about them. The rest of us are just audience to the stage of THEIR life.
    If early enough - then run like hell, if too late then join me in the confusion and frustration of a relationship in which you can never love that person enough, there is always someone who loves them more then you (themselves)

    • It's a shitty deal. You know, I was good to her For 6 years. She left me a few times for different reasons. I always took her back. I always forgave her. She even cheated on her fiancé with me. It was twisted. Well, in the end, I gave her the ammo she needed. She came crawling back a 4th time and I we were long distance. I decided to see other people in the meantime because I didn't have any faith in her. She cheated on me as well and blamed me for everything. Cut me off like I was no one. My female friends tell me she got what she deserved and I shouldn't feel bad but I do.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Because the narcissism makes them think there will always be a person who will love them just as much as you did

  • Because they enjoy hurting people and having power over them


What Guys Said 2

  • they are narcissists, it was never about their victims. It was always about them.

  • They're too busy obsessing over how perfect they think they are. That's why.


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