Ex now getting mutual friends involved?

Okay so me & my ex were on and off for the last 2 months. It all ended very badly. I blocked him on everything & still have to this day. Thing is he's now getting our mutual friends spying on me & getting them involved.

The first incident I didn't pay much attention too, I was wary but nothing out of the ordinary. 'His best friend added me on snapchat, while he was with my ex. (I know this as they work together & would have been travelling to work) his best friend could have added me months ago also, funny how a week after I block my ex his best friend adds me.

Secondly this friend of his only snaps me when he's with my ex on the way too work, he doesn't reply to anymore or send any others. (Must add this friend tried getting us back together once before as from what I know & think he thinks my ex is making a huge mistake)

Thirdly last night another mutual friend of ours, re-added me on dnapchat (no idea why he deleted me in the first place) but it wasn't him who was videoing the dnapchat it was someone else, as the mutual friend was in the video. I believe it was my ex who filmed it & sent it & also re-added me.

Why is he getting our mutual friends involved & why is he doing this?


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  • If they continue to do this I would get new friends. It sounds like he really hurt you! They need to respect that your over your ex bf because it sounds like he is a complete jerk and they don't mind. If they are not with you they might be against Not nice. He hurt you they should tell him to leave you alone! (I'm assuming that whatever he did was cruel.)


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