Need help! How can I get over him?

its not juts a love and i will get over it... its a ove who hurted me and its making me feel like i shouldn't trust boys... and itsreally hard for me because i been here for people and no ones is here for me... i used to be really popular and now im in college... i do have girls friends but they are just friends and i have more boys friends than girls... IM NOT A SLUT A... I feel like i dont have anyone and i never been so sad... i been thinkinh about get over my life... but then i think of my family... that boy was my support and now i dont have 1 PERSON... NOT EVEN ONE... HELP... HOW CAN I GET OVER HIM


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  • Stop and take a breath. I am very, very sorry that this has happened and you are feeling this way.

    Also I am not sure what you meant when you said "I been thinking about get over my life" Do you mean you have been thinking of taking it? I hope not. If you are thinking that you need to be getting hope like NOW.

    Let's assume that is not what you meant. So what are you going to do. You are going to understand that you were wonderfully and fearfully made. That you have much value to bring to the world. You said you are there for others... That is extraordinarily valuable. It tells me you are not selfish. It tells me that you are really a strong person. You need to think about all of those things and others things that are of great value. You even have a family that must love you or you wouldn't care what they think.

    Next you need to get busy to help time heal you. Time heals all things... but sometimes it doesn't do it quickly. While it is doing its thing, stay busy. Study in the library or at a coffee shop, go to a friend's house, go to the shops, do something to keep yourself busy.

    • thank you so much... i just feel like shit all the time and im always there for my friends even if they are having arguments with but when i need them... they are never there for me :(

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  • Be relevant about what happened, and PLEASE don't even think to do such cheap acts (suicide).
    I'll try to answer you after your update.

    • everyone is always making fun of my accent and i dont know why... and everyone is just so mean to me and that guy i had a crush on he was saying how much he loves me and now he is so blunt and does even look me in the eyes

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    • yeah thanks

  • What happened to you all of sudden?

  • just be cool, and relaxed. You would get a better solution to your problem.

    • thanks and i will try

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