At the one month mark what would make you break up or stay?

I have been with my boyfriend a little over a month. In short the past week he's had a lot of work problems and has been very stressed and working more. He has a business. We spoke about it. He apologize said when he stressed he isn't as talkative and it truly isn't me. He still does talk to me every day I just sense a small shift but it truly could be the stress.

I was very happy until the past week when I start thinking maybe I should end it.

I've been taking exams and also not had much time to see him. I know he has been very anxious in the past week and he even said he's not himself and is sorry.

But he's not trying to break up with me either. I tend to feel neglected very easily and am very sensitive.


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  • sounds like me and what im going threw its okay to be understanding but its usually the girl being so understanding that ends up hurting you therefore you can only let some things go until you start feeling lonely or worthless or like he doesn't care staying busy can help but at the same time u can't get a guy to do the right things i feel every guy should care because they want to not because they are asked to some guys fail to care but like most girls all we want is a guy to be honest on whats going on or feeling in this situation its not you its him but at the same time ik its not just work thats making him stress and most likely he won't wanna talk about his problems due to the fact he's always thinking about them watch how he reacts and how his mood changes even threw past messages between you to also think about the stuff he has already told you about his life and try to take it in your owns hands to make things better for him little gestures like bringing food to his job so on break he has something sweet things and support is all he needs from you and you being there in some way i would do as much as u can instead of nothing because when guys act like they dont wanna be bothered they really do when there going threw a lot being alone will only make a person feel alone at everything even stress


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