She left me for someone real clingy?

Title says it all... what gives?


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  • You didn't show enough your love for her? You weren't enough affectionate? Maybe it's that, or another personnality trait of the guy that makes her prefer him instead of you.
    Or it's just she was bored.
    But, if you give more details, it'll be easier to say :)

    • I cooked, pampered, spoiled, was/am a very affectionate and loving person. I said those "magic words" every day... I meant it. It was like what more did you want from me to feel like a priority. I have a life and ambitions. I wanted to share them... but it's like what more did you want from me?

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    • She's with someone. I don't think it would do any good.

    • But what if the question stays on your mind? You'll be like 'why did she leave me? at which moment did I do something bad? what does he have that I don't?"

      But if you say so and if you don't want to do this, it's your choice, do what you want ;)

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  • That is your opinion and even if they are clingy whats it matter we all have issues and no one is perfect and obviously she had issues with you. Sucks and I sound harsh I know but you sound like you are putting yourself above someone just because you are different form them.


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  • U was with the wrong women not ur fault some people what ever u do to them they still same

    Read the scorpion and the frog story it may help

    And it's time to move on find another women stop wasting ur time


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