Is this a valid reason to dump someone? / should I have not dumped him?

Well... We've been going out for a month, only hung out twice. (Just to paint a picture)

I'm not sure about how I feel about him.. After a few hours of asking me out he added that we're "in a relationship" on Facebook... (I declined it because we weren't)

He added that we were in a relationship on Thursday, and I accepted it.. But I wasn't sure about my feelings... He's cool and sweet, but I'm not attracted to him.. Or at least I can't tell if I am or if I'm not.

I've only known this guy for two months. I don't know if I was pressured into the relationship by his friend (Who is still annoying me about him) He's a perfect gentleman to me, however not to many others...

I basically said that I wanted to get to know him more, and to know him for more than two months before we were anything.. He thought that we were really serious whereas I thought we were not even official. He changed his relationship status to "In a complicated relationship with..." I declined it because I hate Facebook and the world doesn't need to know any of that!!! (Yet, here I am writing this...) Anyway, I can't tell if I like him or if I liked the idea of him, or anything else...

It's not just all of that ^^ It's also that I'm under a hell of a lot of pressure recently, and adding a boyfriend to that would make things even more difficult.
Thanks in advance by the way!


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  • It amazes me how the Facebook priorities are at the top when it comes to anything. So you met up with the guy, had a couple of nice evenings I presume, all good, BUT his top priority is to add you and him in a relationship on Facebook, so the whole World can bask in the glory that he has achieved. - I'm sorry, I just had to let that all out. But when it comes to replying to this post, I'd back up what the Anon girl said and tell you if you like the guy enough and your time spent with him is valuable to you, stick with the guy.

    • I can't tell if I like him enough, though. Yes those two nights were fun, but I just don't know. And I know! I honestly don't know what to do.. My gut says go and focus on other things.. So, I might do that..

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    • That guy's a dumbass lmao. You'll find someone better.

    • Thanks haha! Well, hopefully I will xD

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  • You sound like a perfectly reasonable young lady. Thank God for that!

    I think you're right, granted that everything you've written is an accurate representation of what's going on. Him asking you out doesn't qualify as boyfriend/girlfriend status in my book. It just means that you're going on a date.

    As for you wanting to slow it down before you get really serious that sounds perfectly fine to me. I'd prefer a girl that did that to one that just jumped right into a serious relationship; your behavior tells me that you're the type of girl I can take more seriously, you're the type that would be more thoughtful about what a relationship is... so on and so forth. Of course, that's me going out on a big limb since I don't know you either lol but you get the picture.

    Honestly, your feelings on Facebook is a breath of fresh air. I don't have social media for the same reasons. The guy also sounds like a drama king if he's constantly updating stupid stuff like that. I think you should go for a guy who is a little more stable, period.

    • Hahah, thank you! I appreciate the understanding!

  • Well if you don't know him too well, you should tell him. Dump him, but I suppose tell him you want to talk to him more often. Two times in a month seems awfully short. Do you know what foods he likes? Name one habit of his. What kind of person is he alone? Im not saying he is a bad guy, but you shouldn't date someone who you don't know much about. So perhaps you were pressured... Hey its not like dumping him is a bad thing either. It gives u a chance to understand him more as a friend and as a person before you understand him as a boyfriend

    • Sorry! I meant outside of a group we do together once a week. But I don't always get to talk to him there. And we text everyday a lot.. But I still can't say all of those things you mentioned.. Although I can name some of his hobbies.

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    • Its not like you date someone and its love at first sight let's get married. Uncertainty is normal. Too much uncertainty is bad. Too little is unrealistic. It depends all on you what u feel is right.

    • Thanks! Haha, I guess you're right. I just don't know him well enough. Think that I'll go with my gut on this one!

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  • You don't need a reason to end things with someone when you only went out a handful of times. You weren't even in a relationship with them

    • Thank you!! My problem is now it's all complicated - Or at least he thinks so.. Should I just tell him what you told me? Because he thought we were in a really serious relationship..

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