Will I still or ever have a chance with this guy?

We were seeing/talking to each other since middle of October, communication was not consistent, I would not hear from him for a week or even weeks, but today he finally texted me saying he "can't do any kind of relationship right now" because there's a lot of going on with his family and he needs to focus on work, but we can still be friends.
will I ever have a chance? or should I just let it go and not take offer of being friends


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  • Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable and grow cold duck feet when either cornered or scared and Quickly waddle back into the murky waters from which they came. Many are afraid of the Big "C," which is Commitment... this bird is no exception to my golden goose rule, sweetie.
    He didn't really have to say anything as far as I am concerned, the writing was on the wall all in all. He doesn't want to be hooked at the hip, be in any Real relationship right now, but Does want to be friends with you... he wanted to make this crystal clear, dear, as to his feelings and where you both stand as of now... and to let himself off the hook for his Disappearing acts.
    It's your choice, your call whether you want to take him up on his Only offer he can possible come through with without having everything go south.
    Nothing in life is a guarantee, life is a gamble as well. If you feel your heart may be too vulnerable right now, then don't wear it on your sleeve... just leave. But if you can accept his Honest John truth of this being what it is, being friends, keeping it lite and semi sweet will still keep you in the picture, of course with perhaps some possibilities, who knows, but you won't have any egg on your face because you had to take Second place.
    Good luck. xx

  • if communication was never consistent I would say to drop it for now, but also if he's saying you can still be friends he may be trying to say he likes you but only in a friendly way. I of course am not sure about any of this, but no matter the case, I would back off and see how he acts, just don't place any expectations on him because saying he can't do "any kind of relationship right now" is pretty serious.


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