Has anyone felt heart break just telling your significant other, you want a break?

I am going through a break that I initiated with my current man. He teared up and that's the first time I seen him like that. I am not dating anyone one or interested. Inside I feel very sad but held it together well. I miss him already and it's hard however I know he's not where he should be in life and a partner that's behind in life, it's hard to have a strong partnership. obviously out of respect I'm not going into the details. Has anyone else dealt with this and overcame the 'break'. he's leaving me alone and it's obvious he needs space. I feel bad that I hurt him but I've been frustrated for a few weeks with the logic of it. It makes sense. He isn't ready and the honey moon phase was long over. I've seen him at his low without money, and struggling. And it isn't all about money, its other life stage issues. Would you stick with your partner and help them, or leave them?


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  • I don't understand your thinking process at all. Surely part of being with someone is supporting them thick and thin? Why not stick by him?

    • because you could be someone that also is struggling and it's too much pressure

    • If you aren't supporting each other and are unhappy I can see that. If you are struggling then he isn't supporting you enough emotionally I guess. If that can't change then you did the right thing. However I don't know many details about what happened so it's hard to offer any detailed help. It's normal to feel bad for certain. Time will help with that.

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  • Wow! I'm experiencing the same exact thing and you gave me the strength to stand my ground with taking a break. The guy I'm with is also struggling with money and other issues and it made me really distant towards me. I couldn't still can't understand why he was pulling away from me because I've been supportive through this phase of his but I'm exhausted and mentally tapped out. You're absolutely right when you mentioned being in a relationship with a person who hasn't gotten their life together won't work. I was a little naive and though it could but it honestly made throngs worst. I've given him space and it's been a couple of days so far. He ignored the fact I asked for space because two days later he texted asking what I was doing


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  • yes. and you are doing the right thing. You are very wise. A partnership cannot be unequal and work. Hang in there. And give him space. Perhaps he will learn from this.


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  • You kind of have to ask yourself why you decided to take a break in the first place? Are you not happy with him anymore?
    Did something happen to make you want the break?
    You have to sit and ask yourself these questions before you can figure out what you next move is.
    All the best.


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