When a guy is trying hard to "change". Should I trust him, AGAIN?

I dated this guy for a year and a half. It was friendship at first, then it went rocky... fast, then everything was great, then not so great. To tell you the truth it was one big rollercoaster. He cried, I cried. He thinks he's worthless, I keep telling his he's special. Then he doesn't want to work this hard in a relationship, then I tell him he'll lose me forever. Its just a constant ordeal. We have like the same conversations allllll the time. To be honest, I fell out of love with him and I am quite annoyed with his behavior. We stayed friends after our BIG breakup.
Well here's the break down. In the beginning of the relationship he was talking to his ex. Like he would kiss her if he was single and crap. Then there were more girls after he promised me no more texting in that way. He blames me over the course of our relationship for checking his phone. He's the reason I have to check. Each time we take a break from eachother and I forgive him he continues the same thing. He actually went as far to hang out with a girl. How far will he get? I can't trust him. I am scared.
He promises me he will do anything in his power to change. I seen those changes, but our families dont get along at all. I still dont know about trust. Do men really change? Should I give another shot? I am confused and dont want to hurt him...


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  • A person can only change truly if they want to change. To change is work those who just say they will change and have no reason or want to will backslide. The only way to tell truly is through time. Although the mistakes he has made are disrespectful and shows little to no concern towards your feelings. The question is if he has or can change can trust be restored and should it be?


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