Is my ex playing hard to get or not interested in being in contact with me?

After 60 days of no contact my ex responded to a text for Thanksgiving. I contacted him by phone a week after and no answer or call back. I called few days later and he answered but seemed abrupt and said he would call me back but never called? Why would he answer if he's still upset or don't wish to communicate anymore? What should I do


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  • He was being nice for the holiday by answering your text message. And for answering the phone and being abrupt, sorry lady it's time for you to leave it be. The relationship is over, heal and take time for your self. Let Mr. Right find you :)


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  • He was just being nice that's all and wishing you a great Thanksgiving, I wouldn't look into it so much if I were. If I were you I would just let it be. He is your ex for a reason there is no reason to stay in contact with him or even be friends with him. Let it be, and take time for yourself. You will find the right guy someday in your life. Don't force someone to stay in your life if they aren't willing to. Just let it be, and move on.


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  • Because you don't get the hint that he doesn't want to talk with you and yet you persist, you can't force someone to communicate with you. Move on he's an ex for a reason.


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