"He waited a long time to go back onto POF... it took him that long to get over you."?

My ex & I went out for 4 months. He broke it off w/ me BC I wouldn't put out, but spun it, so it was my fault BC I was stubborn, selfish & moody. I was able to talk with his mother one last time. She told me that she was sorry for what I was going through, give him time & that she still loved me.

Could she really have meant that?

Now onto my question. About a month & a half ago, I was scrolling through POF, having been back on for a few months. All of a sudden I saw his picture. Literally almost choking on my lunch, I just stared at the picture, not sure if I was more shocked or angry... or hurt?

He messaged me, asking how I was. I kept things short. He went on & on about getting a raise, remodeling his house & spewing off how great his bro is doing. (He had recently gotten engaged, bought a house & now apparently has a puppy.)

I didn't know what to think... I tried getting him to apologize & owning up for some of the things he did to me, but he just spun it back, blaming me again.

Do you think it really took him awhile to get over me? Or his mom really loved me?


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  • Lol he will never apologize. Why should he for wanting sex?

  • He sounds abusive... don't give that attention.


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