Why would my ex say that he misses me?

Why in an argument with my ex he said 'of course I miss you... It's just better if we don't talk because you know all that will happen is a lot of what ifs.'

But even though he's said that he still tries & finds ways into my life through mutual friends even after I blocked him on everything. He's now in a rebound relationship, which he also said he hadn't replaced me. Yet tries & makes me jealous from it.

I'm just so confused with his actions, someone help?


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  • Because he misses you.

    • But he ended it.

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    • Doesn't mean that he wants to reconcile anything though does it?

    • Nope.

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  • He may miss you but you know he is not gonna make you happy. If you two always have a problem. It may not mean anything. If he doesn't change his behavior. Just take the best for yourself.


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  • He's just trying to be nice. He may miss you being there, but he knows it's not gnna work out for a reason. I'd move on.


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