How to get revenge on your ex?

I broke up with HIM... now he's telling people he broke up with ME... because I was too "clingy" like wtf? I need to get revenge on him... I don't care about the consequences. And don't comment if your gunna say "be the better person", I just wanna make him feel the same way I do... like shit.


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  • He's ego is obviously hurt already that he has to go and lie about it. To get to him even more, act like it doesn't bother you. Just go be happy because you broke up with him so there's prolly no real heartbreak involved? or am i wrong? Hang out at places he likes to and talk to a lot of guys. Show up at the same party as him. Even better, date someone else... that's what I did... I found a real attractive guy... he was really stupid and boring though... he made an excellent prop for making all my ex's jealous and go crazy so when I finally broke up with him they all came flocking back

    What are you trying to do here?
    My answer is dependent on the cause of the break up.


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  • tell everyone he broke up with you cause you laughed at his tiny penis


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  • Why do you need revenge
    Just find someone else and be happy
    It's not childish. It's mature too

  • So what kind of revenge? I got plenty.


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