How to trust again after a heartbreak?

My ex told me when we broke up that when he told me he loved me he meant it in the same way he would tell a close friend and that I read to much into his words. He also had talked about long term plans together and everything before he decided to dump me. Needless to say it's made it hard for me to trust again. I've met another guy and he seems great. We've been on one date already and he's eager to book a another one. I have to admit though that a part of me is scared to put myself out there again. How do I gain the ability to really trust again?


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  • Your ex sounds like a piece of shit.
    That is total bullshit, when romantically involved I never tell anyone I love him unless it's IN LOVE. That just causes confusion.

    My motto is it's better to be in love and happy then be heart broken than lonely forever and miserable.
    You cannot hold onto love. It simply is. Just because someone leaves or it didn't work out doesn't mean the love wasn't real. You can fall in love many times and have a few soulmates. It's whether your crosses pass each other or run parallel.


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  • Completely let go of your past relationship. This is a new guy who could turn out to be 100% trustworthy so give him a chance :) give this video a watch! YouTube. com/watch? v=8_c2OL-7eR4


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