Break the 'no contact' to wish an ex happy birthday?

Dated this girl for 6 months until she ended things due to distance (live 4hrs away) and her "insecurities". She called me the same night of ending things and I didn't pick up. That was just over a month ago and there has been ZERO communication made by either of us since. I do miss her and felt the 'no contact' approach was the only way to get her back. Her birthday is tomorrow and I'm considering breaking the silence and wishing her a happy bday--via text-- thinking maybe by me ignoring her call she took it as me not being interested. Thoughts?


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  • Yeah, that was slightly manipulative and shows you don't truly care. You think you do, but you don't. I know guys who even if they were mad at me, if they had deep feelings for me after a break up (even if they did the breaking up) they'd pick up my phone call the same day or at least tell me they'll call/text they just need time to cool down.

    I'm not gonna lie that was a pretty dick move.

    You should have explained yourself then but you can do so now, not promising anything though.

    When you text her just be like "Hey, ____. I'm sorry I've been MIA, just needed time to cool down. Just wanted to wish you to have the most amazing birthday :)"

    But before you do this, ask yourself your motive for contacting her.
    Do you miss her?
    Do you actually want to get back with her?
    Are you willing to accept being turned down?

    • I get what your'e saying. Not sure if this makes a difference but it wasn't a phone call it was actually a texting convo saying she was sorry, I said I didn't understand why she ended things and then I just stopped texting her. Either way it wasn't the right thing to do but she did kinda just shit on me. I do miss her and I do want to get back with her BUT all my friends tell me if she really wanted to be with me then SHE would have tried to contact me over the last month since she ended things. Agree?

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    • But did you break things off with your ex or did he things break off things with you? I just dont want to look weak by reaching out to her first cuz she's the one that decided I wasn't right for her...

    • He broke things off with me cos he found someone else

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  • I sent my ex a birthday message this year. She responded. I don't want her back, though.


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