Jealousy is a bitch... So?

After a break up, how do you not get jealous when they sleep with a bunch of other guys and show she was a "dime" that you lost.


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  • I evaluated what I did wrong in the relationship, changed for the better if it was within my means and I was willing to make this a permanent change.

    I asked myself if I actually wanted this person back in my life for real or if I'm just being territorial.. because that's not fair. don't be like that.

  • Sleeping with a bunch of guys isn't a way to show someone that you were a dime in a dozen.

    It is just showing how quickly you and spread your legs and stretch your vagina.
    Honestly, even ugly women can get laid.
    So a woman doing that... doesn't show anything.
    Guys have a much harder time... getting some than woman.

    I say move on.
    It seems as if she didn't care too much about you and was quick to give herself to other men.
    She lost, not you.
    Those guys won't respect her... only take what's given.


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