What do I keep doing wrong?

I start seeing a guy and I think everything is going well and then I always find out that it's not. For example the last guy I've been seeing for about 4 months just told me he started seeing someone else and that we should go our seprate ways. I am a little shy, so I try to work out of my comfort zone and be more engaged, but I still need space. I'm not clingy and I don't sleep with them too soon. I don't get it... I thought I've been doing every thing right, but I keep getting played..


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  • What do all the men have in common other than you being a fool.

    • Nothing... They seem very nice at first and then it all seems to go down hill. They stop trying...

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    • I don't know why I didn't do that. I used to and it definitely showed who was just trying to hook up and who was interested...


    • Godspeed.

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  • You need to ask these guys and your friends for an honest answer. Then don't get mad when youdon't like what you hear. If you really want to change you have to know what's wrong.


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