People will never forget the way you make them feel?

But what about the abusive relationships that people seem to go back to them?
Why do you think this is so?
If someone is abusive to the other or they go back to that abusive person, even though that person will always feel scared and resentful toward that person, what makes them continue to live in that lifestyle?


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  • It's the emotional investment they have in the relationship. They have both put in so much time and energy, expecting an outcome from the other individual (which is not a smart approach because then you are expecting, and when you expect, you get let down... which is your own fault, because you were the one expecting.)



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  • They are just attached to them, some secretly like the power and control the other person has, some are scared


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  • I can't really know the answer for this. I'd never go back to an abusive person. Maybe love is answer...

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