Lost my boyfriend... I give points?

I miss my ex. He left me cause he wanted to space. didn't want to be with me anymore. There was nothing wrong with our relationship. Im beautiful with a great future. He really messed up. We haven't talked in weeks and the last time I tried reaching out he ignored me. How long till he realizes he messed up? I dont think hell do better.
I love him and he said he loves me too... So heartbroken..
He has no job. he's not that attractive. Im way out of his league but I do not think Im better than him. I love him and he made me happy.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Maybe he feels he can't move forward in the future
    maybe he's scared you will get better paying job than him
    or you will bring in higher income than him it's hard to say
    he messed up you said, why not move on and you i think
    talking about him not being all that attractive i think your
    just saying that to punish yourself cause you still love him
    you can't move on cause your holding your heart for him
    it will take time for you to heal before you even move on
    if that's what happens with you two.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I could take a lot of time and maybe up to months. Maybe he just needs some space to himself. I would just let him be if I were you and wouldn't chase him or anything. I understand it is hard but you have to move on. Maybe if you don't talk to him for a while then maybe he will get the picture and come back to you. Be careful though because sometimes when you go back to an ex for whatever the reason may be. They may have cheated on you but you still take them back. Be careful could you could end up getting hurt.


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What Guys Said 3

  • You seem to think you're better than him o_O
    perhaps HE ain't the one who messed up

  • you might think he messed up but that doesn't mean he does

    • there might not be any "realizing he messed up" maybe he really doesn't want to be with you.
      and it sounds like your having a difficult time accepting that

  • Girl you need to move on. he's lost interest in you for whatever reason. move on and find a real niqqa


What Girls Said 3

  • Oh darlin", everything you just said is the reason he moved on. You say that you don't think you are better than him but you literally just said it in your own paragraph. He is not stupid, he is really smart and cut his losses. He will find someone better, someone who values him and sees past his physical "flaws".

  • "He really messed up"
    Why is that? Because he broke up with you? Clearly he was happy with you. If you wanted to truly be with you he would. Move on

  • Move on if you're so much better than he is.


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