Ladies, I Wanna Know Whats Your Deal Breaker?

all the ladies and fellas if you wanna join. I just wanna know what can't you handle? let me know the thing that stops you from persuing a guy? Ya know, like you wanna reject him or avoid him cause you hate some characteristics he showing you that make you feel some kinda way. Or if he ain't up to par in another area, wink wink ;-) It can be something simple you know like he gotta have hair on his head or something nasty like he can't fart during sex. Or it could be about race? Or Money or something else. Whatever it is jot it down and speak up.


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  • Arrogance! Liars, and guys with bad hygiene.

    • your answer gave me a spiky feeling let me tell u why. arrogance can be easily mistaken for confidence and pride. for liars sometimes its for the greater good or is done out of love and compassion to avoid a bad outcome or to avoid hurting someone. the last one is a good point though

    • Definitely agree! I've come across awesome guys with a lot of confidence, but some who are 'arrogant' and judgmental too :/ And definitely some lies are plausible, others such as cheaters I want to avoid haha.

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  • Conflicting personalities is my number 1 dealbreaker... I want a partner who is similar to me, has the same interests more or less and also the same values/outlook on life. Other than that I also can't stand laziness, lack of ambition and also a guy who smokes and drinks too much is also a really bad dealbreaker.

    • i feel you my dealbreaker is a girl who isn't compassionate. i can't deal with that but i like your answer you want a hustler a go getter a fighter and warrior which is very respectful in my eyes thank you.

  • Bad Hygiene, does drugs (weed is okay as long as the person is not a huge stoner), smokes cigarettes, has tons of tattoos, Different religion... agnostic is okay, doesn't treat his mother with respect, abusive.

    • god damn.. girl you wrote an essay compared to them guys below for real. but i agree with you to some degree though i can accept religion and weed so i get you :)

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    • I would wipe his ass for him.

    • God damn i need girl like you specially when i get constipted that shit is a struggle litterally.

  • smoker
    non- virgin
    not christian or at least agnostic
    long history
    large ego
    personality clashes
    no hygiene
    not a family guy

    • funny how u girls keep giving me lists like y'all like to reject guys. i know you wouldn't reject a guy if he was a non-virgin or not christian. thetes somethings there im sure u would work around but what are the main ones that would deny a guy a 2nd date?

    • i love how i give my opinion then u tell me that i wouldn't do something, which i clearly stated id do.
      u asked a question, and when we answer, u say we enjoy rejecting guys... ok mate.

  • 👎Doesnt clean up after himself
    👎Hides what they really feel behind the gurls back
    👎doesnt shave or wax down below
    👎is to soft to stand up to whats right
    👎a mmys boy that listens to everything his mumma tells him


What Guys Said 4

  • 1) Stupidity
    2) ignorance
    3) Does drugs (weed is okay unless she's a pot head)
    4) Has had sex with too many guys (including only oral)
    5) Dresses too revealing all the time
    6) Bad hygiene
    7) Taller than me
    8) Severe acne
    9) Has a mustache
    10) Is buff
    11) Vegetarian ( she'd hate me)
    12) Doesn't like my friends
    13) Doesn't have similar taste in music
    13) is fat

  • Ewwww farting during sex. Yeah that would be a deal breaker for me.

  • I cannot handle weakness. It is the one thing I refuse to bother with.

  • Lying, that's a big one.

    • shit sometimes lying is the only way the only option you see. But i understand you got any others you wanna share, feel free to :)

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