Calling best friend baby?

I'm in relationship or I was in one, after my bf or my ex telling girls in his Facebook list friend he is single I did call my best friend baby several time, he is my best friend for 3 years now .
My question is : is it normal to call friends or best friend when you are with someone " IN RELATIONSHIP "
Okay Thanks for your answers now I know it's not legal to call friend or best friend baby when am in relationship

Thank you guys


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  • I feel like I have to qualify everything as a generalization because there are exceptions to every rule... No, it's not normal to call a 'friend' baby. Guys call a girl baby when they have feelings for her, or they're trying to make her feel special to get something they want. I've never called a girl that is a platonic friend baby. It's weird, and I think most girls would find it weird and pushing a boundary.


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  • I never call anyone bby or huni or anything like that if. iam not in a relationship with them i always call them by their name calling people bbe or whatever is an intimate thing and only call my partner by these names and when we split he went straight back to first name terms apart from odd slip up which I apologise but he always tells me not to be sorry he doesn't mind

  • I wouldn't call any other guy friends of mine pet names if I'm in a relationship. It's just not my style. Never have, never will. Even when I'm single.


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