How could he move on so fast?

My boyfriend of one year and I took a break and during that break he fucked my best friend (who liked him the entire time, and I told him and he always brushed it off). I took him back a month later, and he was coming to me in tears, crying his eyes out with a ring and a bunch of letters he wrote me. Two weeks later, he leaves me again and two days later he has a new girlfriend. He left me with the excuse that I deserve better and that I shouldn't suffer with the pain he inflicted on me anymore. It hasn't been a month yet and I'm hearing they already had sex (she has quite the reputation, I'll tell you that), she's gotten him in a lot of a bad things and he's just so different now. He is so hostile towards me also, and I didn't do anything. He moved on so quick for someone who "loved me to death". I am in so much pain and this is still so hard to overcome... why would he do this to me?


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  • He's telling you that you deserve better than him because it's the cowards way of saying that he isn't interested anymore. He's not trying to spare you, he's just trying to make you feel better without telling you the truth. There is no way to say any of this without making it hurt more... If he had a new girl two days later, he was probably talking to her long before that.

    Like the first poster said, he is right when he says you deserve better. He moved on some time before he showed you that he moved on. It may just be a replacement, so he doesn't have to think about missing you, but he sounds very selfish and not the right guy for you.

    • he came to my house with a ring letters and tears, and then he told me he couldn't live without me. the same day we broke up in the morning, he sort of tried to end it with me and broke down in tears saying he couldn't do it he can't leave me.. then all of the sudden in a few hours it became easy for him.

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  • Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable and grow cold duck feet whenever feeling cornered or scared and... waddle Quickly back into the murky waters in which many times they end Up-------He leaves me again... this bird is no exception to my golden goose rule.
    Bottom line is, pris09, this dick didn't want a Real Relationship with you anymore. He wasn't ready nor raring to be hooked at the hip with You or just any chick, and with him getting cozy with your bestie, who I feel now should be nothing More than a fair weather friend, he ended coming back to you after the fact and f*ck, and with his crocodile tears, dear, he ended up screwing you all over again by Tailing some other newfound newbie.
    He can't be trusted, sweetie. He never really "loved me to death," but just Back-stabbed you instead. Should you have continued down this beaten path of War of the Roses with this not so fine feather fellow, it would have only ended up a Dead end road and Detour to more doom and destruction.
    You deserve better than what you were getting. He may even have this problem child pattern of coming to you with soft soap and sagas whenever something doesn't pan out with one, purposely Inflicting you with more suffering and soap box sitcoms.
    He 'Moved on' a long time ago when you and he took this break and he decided to fly the nest with your flap happy friend... you just have realized he is this horse of another color now, and with his Hostility and resent towards you for you not Having to even have Done 'Anything,' he is Just-------Different now.
    He is Right about one thing... you deserve better.
    Good luck. xx

    • i am so heartbroken I'm so in love him, he was my adoration.

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    • thank u for being so kind

    • Thank you, sweetie... relax, you will be fine.. focus on You know and get ready for the holidays.:)) xx

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  • Even though you are affected by his behavior, he's doing what he feels is in his best interest. IF he says you deserve better, he's probably right.

  • He might hate you for your dark secret... or... thrr might be a possibility that your best frnd is really your best rival..

    When he came crying to you... i think you didn't appreciate him much... or you had that attitude of whtever... Your frnd might have taken advantge of this situation and might have told that you dont appreciate your ex... so he broke up with you in anger and started hating you!!!



    ... And ya is your frnd changed too?

    • i don't talk to my friend anymore, and he came crying to me when i was going to leave him because he lied to me about something.

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    • i don't think he cares

    • Do you care a bout him? If you do... then try to sort things out when he is alone... if he understands u r in luck... if not u have to move on and find someone else!!

  • He hasn't really moved on. Making it look like he's moved on is a way of hurting you. Leaving with the excuse that you deserve better is just a cop out, it's the easy path. He sounds like an asshole, you're not the first person to get your heart broken by one of these people and you won't be the last, it ain't your fault.

    • im so heartbroken, I'm pretty sure he has moved on. him and this girl have gotten pretty serious for only a few weeks..

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    • it'sallready been a month and I'm still a mess haha

    • If you really like someone it takes longer than that. You've got to make some of the effort to move on though, try to distract yourself from thinking about it. But it does get better. It took me over 6 months to get right once, what you're feeling is totally normal.

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  • He either is trying not to hurt which is backfiring on him, and he really shouldn't have fucked ur best friend adn ur "best friend" never shoulda let him. It's the code of bffs. If one rule's broken then the whole relationship is gone. The fact that he came back then left again says he was not in the right mind. He probably never really loved you. sorry if that's hard to hear. But it's the truth. Move on. He's not worthy of u. :D

    • im so sad how do i get over this its been a month we've been separated and he's been with his new girlfriend and I'm still so broken i am in tears right now because i love him so much

    • Eat lot of chocolate cry aton (let those tears flow honey makes u feel a lot better) yell at him for what he's done and call him nasty names + find someone who deserves u.

  • Some guys do dumb things to hurt women to leave a relationship so that they will not have to explain. Men don't mature until they are almost 40 so take this as a lesson learned and move on : )


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