We broke up, but we're still on good terms?

I'm heartbroken. This has been the hardest break up I've ever had to go through. He broke up with me and said that it's because he's not stable or organized enough in his own life and working a relationship around his dysfunction is too much for him to handle. He says that relationships require a lot of effort and attention but right now he needs to pay attention to his own needs rather than the needs of someone else. He said it was exhausting, and right now he doesn't see a future with me, but is that because of how unstable he is in is life right now? He still talks to me, and when he sees me he's still happy in my company and we can still have a good time. He will still hold me and kiss me on the forehead. I'm confused because I feel like a part of him still wants to be with me but he knows he can't offer me that right now. I can tell he still cares about me... but is there hope that he'll come back at all?


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  • listen to him. he has nothing to offer. he feels bad being a boyfriend, it is too much pressure, especially with Christmas coming.


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