How can she just forget me like this?

i just don't understand after 2 years plus more with friendship she can forget me to the point she won't even reply to simple happy birthday text, she dumped me and was seeing another guy 2 weeks later, it has been 3.5 months with virtually no contact, i still don't know what i did that was so bad as to be treated this way. I'm so sad ibe lost my best friend and the girl i love t, what do i do? i can't stop crying and I feel like I'm losing all my friends, plus she is going to be at a mates birthday party this weekend, should i go and brave it out? ivenever ben so gutted and sad in all my life!
cheers lads, its fucking tough, thinking you know someone so well and then being totally betrayed, i was there for her for so many things in her life, i know she doesn't deserve me and what i have to offer, i really must try y best to go to this party even just to show her she can't beat me. I'm not usually as emotional as this, I'm just so gutted that someone i thought i could trust could delete me from her life so easily. its not something I've had happen before.


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  • I got dumped too from my ex bf and I feel the same... Let it go. You don't want to force something is not working. You won't be happy... Heal from your heartbreak learn from it and you'll find someone better. I know it doesn't seem like it now but you will ❤️


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  • My friend, I know how you feel. I was there, your heart is ripped from you and thrown to the wolves by the very person you thought you could trust. I was there and grieved as you did. I wondered what went wrong, and it took me to look at my relationship with my ex objectively to see what went wrong. First, relationships Break over time, women have interest levels that can increase or decrease, by circumstances. Women are turned off, and send signals, for ex. Various changing attitudes toward u and the relationship. Arguments out of no where, mysterious disappearance and my favorite the no call, no text, no show. Maybe, you sent her a red flag, maybe, she was psycho and you rationalized her behavior because of love , lust, and beauty. Maybe you crowded her, appeared jealous, maybe your life was too messy, or grooming. Something dropped her interest level from the 90% mark to the 30%. I say, she is not coming back, let her be, she is not worth it, one woman, for you, per life time, that's it... she missed out, leave her be. Cry, yell, screw if you have to, confide in a friend about how you feel. Sit in a dark room, with sad love songs and sing along, grieve!! Then slowly move on, by not cyber stalking her, loose her number, go to the gym and buff up, take son great pics and get on a good date site, and try and move forward. Your a great person, who will find, a great woman, she my friend was not it.

    • Scream* instead of screw... and take some good pics I meant... sorry.

    • I've slept with a few girls since, but I'm no where near ready to move on, she was my best girlfriend so far, i was and am still in love with her, i feel like such a twat, she was so cruel but i just think of the good in her. sorry if i sound like a pussy

    • Nope, you don't, your just hurt, however moving on is not just with sleeping with other women, its about your ability to function without her. I know you still cyber stalk, and kiss her pictures and other things you may or may not have done with your hand and lube oil...( clearing my throat, and awkward silence ) point is, be strong , learn from it, so that next time , this won't happen again

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  • Grow a pair. This happens most of time in relationship. She was tired of you during the relationship most likely was talking to this new guy while you were towards the end of the relationship and she wants nothing to do with you. Some want to "stay friends" other go the "exes with benefits" route and others the one your discovering. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction of ruining your world and you not going to your friends party because of her. You go and have the best time you can with all your friends and make her invisible like she did you.


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