Should I give it a chance?

My ex said that he's wiling to give us a try again. I kinda want to but part of me is super scared that its just going to make everything worse. We don't have the best relationship right now, we both know that we have feelings for each other, but we fight a lot. But we fight about ridiculously stupid stuff. The thing is I've really changed. When we went out I took things too seriously and sometimes over reacted, well we both did. But I've learned how to control my anger and not too take things so seriously. I don't know if he's changed or not, he says he has, but I haven't seen anything to show it. Other than when we fight we have an awesome relationship, he's like my best friend. Is it worth the chance? and does anyone have any advice about anything else I've said.
+1 y
we went out for 9 months. we've been broken up for 2 months. we didn't start arguing until the last month or so. We broke up for about a week, I broke it off then. we got back together for like 2 weeks and he broke it off... over the phone...
Should I give it a chance?
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