Pls advise : I want to meet up w my ex bf and talk.. Is that a bad idea?

I broke up w him few months ago but after that we still had massive drama cause he started to dating a girl I always hate. I felt betrayed, shamed, mad, dissapointed but it's been a couple of months since we hadn't have any contact beside I sent him an apologie message and he reied me back. So far I know he's still that girl. I just have strong feeling that I want to meet up w him once and talk and listen why he chose her over me and why why why.. I just want an honest answer when he started to lie to me about that girl. All I want is an apologie and explains cause he never did..


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  • I dont understand this at all. If i read this correctly you broke up with him. Then he started dating a girl you dislike.

    If i read this correctly, why does he owe you anything? You broke up with him yes? So the moment you broke up with him, he could do anything that he wanted to. He could date your sister if he wanted to.

    So if you are expecting him to give you an explanation about why he chose that other girl, simple you rejected him, she didn't.

  • Nope. That's a horrible idea, and I dout he would even agree to it. If you just try to meet up with him and surprise him with that then I guarantee you he would just hate you and probably wouldn't say anything about it.


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