Ex girlfriend says she wants to hook up but isn't ready for a relationship?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me over the summer, we are college students. Once we came back to school she remained a bit distant and claimed she wanted to be independent and just be with her friends. As the semester progressed she seemed to be getting closer and closer with me and i took her out to eat a couple times. eventually made out at a party. She claims that she still likes me and always will, that she wants to hook up with me, but simply isn't ready for a relationship yet. Now break has started so i won't see her again till the start of next semester. I really want to get back together with her, but for now i just want consistency in whatever relationship we hold, with the intentions of furthering it in the future, I guess my question is whats my next move?


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  • Why missing your golden chance, lucky dude.


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