Guys, how do I get my ex to give me a second chance?

We dated for almost four years, we moved in together in August, and broke up in September. Initially he just wanted a break, but I made him choose between breaking up or staying together (I know, it was stupid). Its been 3 months since we broke up, we still live together, and its like were dating.
How can I make it so he starts chasing me and wants to get back together? I've changed what caused the break up (me causing fights, and his communication, he's working at it too). I tried asking him a month ago to get back together and he said he doesn't know. I think he's scared that it'll go back to fighting, which it won't. I now know what a mature relationship should be like and I'm willing to work for it.
How do I get the love of my life to give me a second chance?


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  • Well, I think you DO need a break. Until he's had time to see what life is like on the other side, he won't be willing to try again.

    Sometimes, you have to let go if you want to take hold of someone again!

    Sorry to say, I think you were right to break up, at least temporarily!

    • No I definitely agree, we needed to break up to get the space and to get our individuality back. But what can I do? Just give him space and stay away?

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  • Let him come to you, once he sees how fulfill your life is, and how your meeting awesome and great people and how you have moved on, trust me he will want you back. But for now I would just let it be and give him so space. You tow bother need the space I wouldn't chase him if I were you, don't chase love let it come and find you. Maybe he just needs time figure himself out. All relationships have there ups and downs but real relationships get through it together of course. That's nice that you are willing to work for it, but what if he doesn't want too? If you have begged and pleaded and whatnot and it still isn't enough then I would just let it be. Give it time and maybe he'll want you back, it could take more than 3 months it took me up to 5 for my ex to come back to me. But were no longer together, just because he was immature etc.


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  • I think you just have to keep being yourself and just wait it out. Your still doing things as a couple if you feel like your dating and neither of you have left your place you live out together. However if you think 3 months is long enough (and it kinda is since he wanted a break in the first place) then start pulling away treat this more like a friendship and make him miss holding you, kissing you, cuddling and doing things you do as a couple.

  • Honest answer, there's nothing you can do. He has to want it himself.

  • Don't chase him but don't even ignore him.
    Ask for movie, shopping or whatever casually Go out to eat, show your 'affection' to him. Only the proceed with love. If still he maintain distance then consider yourself out of luck.


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