Why is my ex-boyfriend doing this?

We recently broke up because he cheated. He has a girlfriend now, but he keeps texting that he misses me. That he's sorry and still loves me. He knows I take the bus to school and he always offers me rides. He still calls me babe. I tell him to stop because he's in a relationship. Why does he do this? What should I do?


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  • Well he probably has some sort of attatchment to you even though you have a bf. you need to be firm with him and tell him straight up, "look I don't want you to talk to me this way"... if he still does, block his number.

    • I don't have a boyfriend. But he has a girlfriend.

    • Yeah I meant even though he has a girlfriend.
      Typo :)

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  • You're his plan B... if his new girlfriend dumps him he'll come straight to you.

    You're letting him play games with you, which is stupid, so if I were you I'd cut contact with him completely and move on.

    • I changed my number already. But he's friends with a couple friends of mine, so I don't know who gives my phone to him.

    • Find out and tell them off for giving it away to him. Your friends have no right to hand your phone number out like that.

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  • He's playing with your feelings I can see it. You have to make it stop and block his number if you can and cut off all contact with him (if you haven't). If I were I would just tell him straight up and tell him that you don't want him calling you those names and tell him to leave you alone. I can see he's trying to play mind games with you. He could be attached to you or just doesn't what he wants, or who.

  • He's playing witchu


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