Need help lost the girl of my dreams?

I'm 22 have had a few girlfriends but this one is crushing me like my first which was my first everything. I really don't want to lose her and I don't get why she lost feeling for me. We dated 3months but spent like every minute together and she is 18 had one boyfriend before for 2 years but they were more friends and they didn't do anything. She met me at an event and my buddy was going after her first but she ended up likeing me and came after me and we really hit it off. After a month I took her v card and we were crazy in love. We talked about getting married and kids in the future and moving in like next year. Few weeks ago she started feeling not so sure of us and didn't see me in her future and lost feelings for me. She tired to hide and get over it but she likes me as just a friend now. So she broke up with me Monday. She's really childish and likes animals and Disney movies which I liked. I don't get how she doesn't feel attached to me like I did. my first and is pushing me away. I'm really clingy but I thought she liked that about me. I would say something like aww man or dangit. When she wanted to go home for the weekend or spend time with other people. Also she likes to drawimg and didn't open that part of her life up to me and I told her that bothered me. When she broke up with me i think she was really honest and told me she didn't really know why she lost feelings for me and the stuff i told you didn't really bother her. She might have just been overwheled being so young and she felt not as free like she couldn't just up and move anymore. I'm kinda of a insecure guy and I rushed things but she seemed OK with all of it until now. Please help I want her to get feeling back for me. How do I help her she seems really confused.
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  • Look man... Girls are like this... the more clingy you are, the more they pull away. She may have been attracted to you, but you didn't give her the mystery and excitement she craved. Childish or not, she's still a female, and you just didn't push the right buttons. Unless you change that you will have this problem whether the girl is 18 or 58.

    • How do I get her back? She liked me enough to be her first and now I feel bad taking it. She also was the one that came after me at first so there must be something there. How do I stike those feelings again in her?

    • It won't happen till SHE realizes it. Cut contact with her and hope she contacts

    • Don't talk to her at all? Shouldn't I be there for her and let her know I'm not just after sex? She's a good girl I mean I took her innocents she liked animals and things and she doesn't party or drink at all! I think being there and building trust would go a lot better with her.

  • Text her 1last text

    I feel I pushed u to love me or we fall in love very fast I will understand if u want time to think to be sure of ur emotion about me , I'm always here for u and love u as before nothing change only ur place in my heart still empty and its only for u
    And still love u
    u still the one

    Dont text her again after that message until she text u

    U can't run by ur emotion always



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