Cheated on and dropped?

I met a guy over the summer who has a girlfriend. A few days after we met he broke up with his live in girl friend of one year and she moved out. He said it had nothing to do with me and I believed that. We dated for four months. Things had just recently progressed to the point where he said he loved me. And then two days later I got a text from him to not answer any 555 numbers and that he'd explain tomorrow. A few minutes later I get a text: 'This is John's girl friend. He has admitted to me he's been talking to you since this summer. If you have any decency you'll talk to me.' I was devastated. Shaking. In shock. He gave me an me an im sorry over text. And that was it. No explanation. No further apology. Nothing. I know I should say eff the piece of shiz and I am, but I want to know why he refuses to face me. Be a man and apologize. How can someone say they love you and it feel so real and two days later just never talk to you again.


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  • Because some just like to play games. There's no reason why its just the way it is. He's done it before he was with you immediately after or during a breakup with another woman

    • What do you mean 'he's done it before he was with you immediately after or during a breakup with another woman? Thanks for your response.

    • He met you the a few days later broke up with his live in gf. He knew he was going to break up with her for a long time but before he did he needed a new gf (you).

What Girls Said 1

  • Geez these are hard! While you want to just forget tough it out, it sucks because you deserve the truth. I'm going through something similar and I'm still trying to figure out if i should confront the piece of scum or just move on.
    You definitely deserve the truth, but i think it's only manly for him to do it on his own will

    • I've sat on it and really thought about it and I think the best thing is to just let it go and never talk to them again. Then they are the one left wondering why you didn't care enough to know. It hurts their ego. Cheaters are narcissistic and the only way to hurt them is a blow to their ego. When you don't care and aren't affected by them, it cuts them deep.

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