Why throw everything away for an ex?

Hello everyone, me and my gf broke up two weeks ago. We have been together for 11months, out of nowhere she ran into her ex and bam she wants a break. Says she "has mixed feelings now, dosen't know what she wants". I'm like wow we spent all this time we had a wonderful relationship I have been the best boyfriend that she has ever dated. I'm 21 and she's 18 and I'm the mature one. Says she loves me but is not in love, and wants to be single. Only later to find out she's back with her ex, who is 5"6 scrony frame, momma's boy, he's broke, and was her first love. Me Im 6"0 athletic built, everything I have I worked for, but I wasn't her first love. Not going to lie my ego and pride were hurt cause she wants a pip squeak. I did my chasing for like a day, but I know nothing will change and I'm working out harder than ever getting in better shape and getting over the highschool bullshit. She knows her ex can't give her a lot of things I've done for her, but she still went back cause he's her first love. Now he left her doing the same shit, needs to find himself and then two months I come along and he wants back in all of a sudden. I miss her though since she was my first, since I was never in a serious relationship growing up just mostky friends with benefits. I think she's really immature and indecisive of what she wants. Even her twenty year old sister wants to be with a mature guy like how I was with her sister. I don't know but I'm moving on and it's her loss, have fun with the guy that left you for other girls. I don't undersand sometimes haha, ruined it to go back for ex. Do you think she would come back lol after all I gave her unconditional love. Oh well life goes on lol


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  • You sound like a great guy, I honestly wish my ex was something like yours. She doesn't deserve you, trust me. My ex broke up with me right out of the blue about 9 months ago because the relationship was to hard. When I clearly did all the work and he just sat back and drank, etc. He said it was to hard when clearly he doesn't know what he wants. He wants all the women in the world, and I'm just like you can't have all of us you can only have one of us. You seem like a really nice guy and you were good to her she is just missing out. But if I had met someone like you I would've never let them go. I don't ask for a lot in a relationship just that partner does his part and treats me right and shows that he loves me. Yes it is her loss, its not ur fault its her loss. Move on the best way that you can if you have her number delete it, and block it. She doesn't deserve you, so why worry if she does come back just keep on walking. I made a stupid mistake of going back to my ex back in January 2014, he said he loved me and gave me a hug and I said I love you back. It only lasted for about 1-2 months and out of the blue he just broke up with me. It didn't take me long to realize that he was a player and he also cheated on me. I should've kept on walking when he said my name. You'll find your perfect match someday. I know what I want and who I want, I want something serious and real and committed of course. I'm done settling for less. I've been told I'm very mature for my age. Others that I have been with, not so much.

    • Exactly she had a man, one who is firm on what he says and how he represents himself, looks at the bigger picture, provides security, can overcome any obstacle, and she went for a boy who is the exact opposite of me. Yes I did give it my all as you should if, your in a relarionship. She will learn how most guys can be towards women, I will be long gone once she realized who she had in her life. Anyways thanks for the support!!

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    • You will find a man with the same views, there out there lol. Just watch out for the boys impersonating to be a man ha

    • Trust me guys at my school are so immature and think they are all that just because they flirt with every girl at school. I hope I do, because I'm done settling for fun an games.

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  • "I miss her though since she was my first"

    You never forget your first. And over time, no matter how bad the relationship was. All you remember are the good points. Which makes this person more attractive in your mind

    If you want her back go after her. If not then move on and forget her.

    With reading your post. You give off a sense of entitlement too. Just being athletic and well built does not mean, woman will naturally be drawn to you. Everybody has a preference. Work for what you want.

    • I tried but she needs her space, and to see if that's what she wants. I told her live your life. Thanks for the support!

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  • I would love to be with a guy like you there are not many around and searching for them is not easy

    she's a stupid bitch to be honest

    • She knew I was her "unicorn" lol. But still threw it away like that for her first love. Kind of shows you who she really is. Thanks for the support!!

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    • I'm only 18 I'm not looking for love or scything serious until I finish high school. I've been moved on and it's been 9 months. I don't want a boy I want a man.

    • Sorry wrong post my apologizes

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  • Honestly, you should probably talk to other women and make it seem like you're moving on and not wasting time with someone who doesn't appreciate you. She might realize how stupid she is being, and that you're not someone who is just going to sit around and always be available when it's convenient to her. She will probably end up wanting you back, and the choice will be yours. Who knows, you might find another woman who suits you better anyways.

    • That's the thing I'm a smart guy, but if I find another girl that actually try's and wants to be in a relationship with me I would most likely keep her, and forget about the ex. I told her to be the one to break the chain. She couldn't do it so it's up to me. Only time will tell what will happen. Thanks for the support!

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