A girl who I loved has left me after 5 months and is now playing me! What can I do?

I started speaking to a girl about 5 months ago, nothing serious at first just a few flirty conversations here and there, after about 2 weeks we began to speak a lot more and developed feelings for each other and began to meet up, we then slept together and became very close, everything was going fine up until 2 weeks ago, she said she didn't want to speak to me anymore and that things weren't going to work, feeling confused and very upset i couldn't help question why, in response i got a wave of abuse hurled at me which led to me ignoring the girl. The day after i began ignoring her i received a message off her, the message read ' I love you so much please get back with me '. Thinking things would work out i regrettable said yes, things went well for a few days until all a sudden she did it again, told me she didn't want to see me anymore and began the abuse. I am only 16 years old and this is/was my first serious relationship. I am currently finding it very hard to get over her and i hate myself for not being good enough. I have always had issues with confidence and self esteem and i honestly thought she was the right girl for me, although now i have been left distraught, angry, depressed and confused. Can anyone help me? Give me any advice?

Thank you


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  • what do you mean by abuse? was it verbal abuse? did she insult you?

    why did she want to break up? did she give you any reasons?

    • Verbal abuse, just insulted me a lot and no not really, she said it just wouldn't work out but is now making it as hard as possible for me to move on

    • be strong. have the confidence you'll find a better girl.
      since it's your first seriour relationship, you might think that these feelings you are experiencing are love: they are not. please be careful not to interpret this as love, because you are young and you might create a pattern, always looking for girls who treat you badly because this is what you think love is.

      but love is when you fell at ease, peaceful and inspired. this girl treats you badly, and when she treats you nicely, by contrast you feel that you have powerful feelings of love. it's not love, it's relief that she came back to you and you feel worthy.

      when a girl loves you, she cherises you, she wants to get closer, she wants to inspire you to be a better person. a girl that truly loves you will also leave you if she thinks she's dragging you down.

      I bet this girl doesn't know what she wants, she seems unstable and she spits up her frustration all over you. never allow that

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  • Too young to think u find the right girl
    When u become old u will be wise enough how to choice ur girl

    Anyway stop blameing urself its not u some girls are just like that they change for some reasons they dont discus it

    Move on and dont answer her texts find new girl it's better or u will be her game


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