Can I or should I tell him that I miss him and i'm scared?

Can I or should I tell my fiance (father of our children, decade of being together, but sepparated ) that I miss him so much and I am scared? we aren't getting along right now, we are going to counceling to work out and fix our problems, we spend one day a week together to keep connected. But he has said that he loves me very much and he does want us back togeher , but he also said that he is irratated with me and has some resentment too.


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  • I don't think its ever wrong to tell someone how you feel. Most relationships end because of a lack of communication

    • Yes I have been told that and is one of the reasons that we aren't getting along. It is just I dont know what you are sapost to talk about... I keep assumming what he will say and how he will act that I forget to even talk/tell/ask him.

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    • Yea I told him... he said he doesn't know what to say, he doesn't feel the same right now. Then it escalated into a huge fight and I have no idea how it happened.

    • You got your answer though. He doesn't feel the same. I don't believe the right now part. I think he means ever but was to chickenshit to say so. This ones over honey and I'm sorry. But at least now you know and can get on with your life

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  • I don't know if I have the right to give my opinion here because of my age and that I don't know much about marriage. However I do believe that you should tell him that you miss him and are afraid.

  • I just recently got divorced, and I would argue it was the healthiest divorce I have encountered. We were open the entire time. Of course you are scared, I was scared, she was scared. But that doesn't mean you aren't doing the right thing separating. Remember the reasons you are separated, have those changed? Don't let the fear of change, or the fear of loss put you back in an unhappy relationship.

    If he is using words like resentment he is probably done, and you should try and accept that. That doesn't mean not to tell him how you feel, but I wouldn't expect it to change anything.

    • Well. He said that he wants to have a future with me. He told me over and over. We go to counseling together, his idea when never believed in it but he wants to make it better so we can have a future. we're working really hard and we spend Mondays and some Thursdays together to try to fix our relationship. And he has said that he is sorry that he has said things when he was angry. We don't want an unhealthy relationship.

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