Have you ever done something you knew you were going to regret?

Have you ever embarked on a task or relationship or anything really, knowing it could hurt you, but you did it any way because you're a glutton for punishment? What was it?

Or am I just a sadist?


And for those here for the backstory, gather around the camp fire kiddos. There's this guy I liked - emphasis on past tense - and although we've recently decided to move on, I'm thinking of momentarily rekindling the flame knowing it'll likely backfire. Am I insane? Yeah I'm insane.


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  • Similar story with my ex 2 years ago. I took her back, against my better judgement, & it nearly got me killed. An ex is an ex for a reason.

    • Sad to hear! Sorry you had to go through that, man. It's taking everything I have to not contact this guy - and yet, some nonchalant, mental side of me is like "just do it"

    • Best I can tell you is whatever is having think like that, it's not worth it.

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What Guys Said 2

  • It would be "Or am I just a masochist?" Not sadist. You're doing this thing to yourself, not to another.

  • Indeed
    liked a married woman knowing full well nothing would ever happen... eneed up really hurt


What Girls Said 2

  • Adult relationships are complicated.
    You must find some redeeming values in this guy or you would not be reconsidering.
    Don't be too hard on yourself.
    Yeah you might be toying with the "victim" complex.

    Again, some girl just married Charles Manson, a serial killer sentenced to life in prison.
    Yeah she needs some serious therapy for sure.

    • You're spot on - there's something redeeming about him, and very rare. If he didn't have that quality, it'd be easier to move on hahaha!

      Wow, okay, she makes me look saner than sane!

  • I've done things knowing I was going to regret it later. It generally has to do with guys. I think about the consequences and just say "fuck it, I don't care."


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