Left for her first love?

I wish she never left me, I thought we had a wonderful relationship, put her before myself. She left for ex one day just like that. Sad isn't it lol.


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  • Sorry this happened, but at the gentleman said prior to me, said, plenty of fish in the sea... why did she leave? Just curious? I guess it doesn't matter, but I believe you were a rebound, and she used you to try and get over him, and when he came running back she was all to eager... better fortune next time. By the way Boss, what was your question?

    • Well mainly why do we as a human being do this to eachother haha. It's just cycle that will always repeat everyday. You summed it up, she loved me for the whole 11 months, and basically her ex tried before I got in the picture, but she wouldn't have it. So now he try's again after all this time and they randomly bump into eachother, and next thing you know on the same day she wants a break. So basically she's implying want she wants if you can easily throw away our relationship with out putting deep thought into the idea of breaking up. It's okay I will let her do her thang and the ex left her just like how she left me lol. They never learn do they.

    • No, and I she comes running back, I bid you to give her no chance. One girl, one chance, per lifetime, he made the mistake of double dipping, but you are smarter than that, right?

    • Yes I am I know once you cross me, you can cross me again. Why should I have to worry about you doing it when ever you want. Rather be safe and move on.

  • Forget her. Plenty of more fish in the sea.


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