Men get paid for sex after their wife dies while women get money while her husband is alive?

It looks like all men are gigolo but they are hiding or practicing with poor girls. I was wondering if my logic is right. Men would lie and try to get money when she dies, while women would try to get the money while her husband is alive.


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  • Women out live men. Unless you are targeting younger men this makes no sense. If you are only dating really young guys then I don't see what your problem is. If you have money, and you are dating a much hotter younger person, there is a high chance they are with you for money. This is true for either gender. Rich people are going to attract people that want their money, just like sexy people are going to attract people that want their body.

    • @heavensgift2girls if rich people attract people that want their money and sexy people attract people who want their body, what about "not so good looking" people or not rich people? What do they attract?

    • It depends on what they have to offer, and the standards of the other person. Someone that wants to build a family based on trust, and good communication, then they are more likely to attract a person looking for that stability. Someone that does a lot of drugs and is in and out of jail, will attract someone that craves drama and excitement over stability. An average person will still have to deal with people wanting to use them, but not to the extent that a very rich, or very good looking person will.

  • I have no idea what you're trying to say here. Can you elaborate?


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