Confused as to whether or not I should bother contacting my ex, and making it work?

Here's the background: A guy I was seeing for two months recently ended it with me, and I cannot for the love of God understand why! We were getting along so well, and a month in he even suggested being exclusive and calling me his girlfriend (it's Australia, they move faster here I'm guessing...) He'd call and text daily and we'd meet pretty much every weekend. He'd just moved when I met him, but he'd drive three hours to come see me every weekend.

Anyhow, I'd honestly never felt this way about a guy before and I had a feeling this one was 'different'. About a week ago, he seemed slightly distant, so I told him if he needed space, I'd back off and wait until he wanted to get in touch. I later got a text from him which said:

Hey, thanks... I just need to think. It's not you... It's just my work and the distance. Have a good night. Don't think about this to much, you have exams to ace!

Which I was sort of pissed off about, since he basically used the 'it's not you, it's me' line. So I replied with:

Thanks for replying, but haha let's face it -- with your love of Aussie beers, and my like of Wodehouse novels and Tim Ferriss we were doomed from the start. All the best with everything :)

I was just sort of ticked off by the fact that he thought I'd buy into him impacting my studies. But the (sad) fact of the matter is I can't stop thinking about him, and I'm willing to let go of my ego to text him. Which is a huge deal, because usually when and guy and I end things, I accept it to be for the best and move on.

Basically, I just want to know where I went wrong, why he couldn't do it over the phone as opposed to text, and if there's any chance that he actually cared about me. And if it's worthwhile texting a guy I only dated for two months.

Other details: I'm 23, and he's 27.


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  • I think you were right on about the beers and the incompatibility. Move on now. Maybe find someone who reads Arthur Upfield.

    • Re: the Arthur Upfield - haha. Thanks for replying, guess I sort of just needed to hear it from someone else to fully buy it was over.

    • Only good guys appreciate Upfield, so good luck.

    • Thanks, mate!

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  • That's a break up line because he said "its not you." My ex used that line on me as well and its a warning sign for getting dumped it means it is you basically just said in a nicer way. No it isn't worth it, I would move on love if I were you. Don't contact him, or anything block his number if you need to. Move on with your life, he doesn't deserve you. I don't understand why a lot of people use that break up line "its not you its me." My ex used it on me one time. Just let it go and give him his space and let him be. You just continue being you and hanging out with your closest friends, and moving on and meeting other people. Just let go, if it was meant to be it would've been.


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