Why is she liking my stuff on FB?

We had a romantic relationship for 5 months and everything was going alright we were talking everyday and I was sending her flowers from time to time and cared about her, we have been planning our Christmas holidays together abroad, she picked the dates and the place herself and we've even rented a flat there. Suddenly started changing and being distant and avoiding any talk about our holidays, two weeks after she told me that she's not going with me because "she thinks, she can't give me what I deserve what I need..." I have been very understanding with that because there are things that we can't control and I did no drama or begging or arguing... because she clearly knows that I care about her and that I have feelings for her..

Anyway I used to have the picture of the place where we met (it was some landscape abroad) as cover picture and she knew it, that place was special for both of us... two days after the break up we haven't talked but I changed my cover picture to some random pic late in the evening, and surprisingly she changed her's the next morning (thing she hasn't done for a year) to... a picture of a place near where we met... I was very surprised preferred not asking her... and the next day she liked my new cover picture... I mean it's okay, but it seems very strange as long as it's too early and she knows I have feelings. Is she sending me a message or I'm just overreacting?


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  • It appears her new BF hasn't completely taken over her memories of you & that romance yet but he's done a damn good job killing the relationship. You need a sleep over with her to fully understand but good luck with that idea.


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