Why why why is he playing these games? Is it a guy thing or what?

Last year, a guy that I was good friends with in grade school sent me a friend request on fb. We met up for coffee and began dating. It was a great rship for the first 8 months, but the last four months, he began ignoring my calls and texts. We live 3 hours away, do this was bothersome. I tried talking to him about it, but nothing chAnged. He'd act like I was the problem. Finally, after 4 mos of being ignored or getting a response such as "k" from him, I broke it off with him, deleted and blocked him from all forms of communication too. But now, for the first time ever, I've gotten 2 friend request from people who recently opened up a fb acct and I have no mutual friends with. Hmmm. Very odd. Friend request not accepted. I then got two "private" hang up calls.

It's gotta be him. But Why? I figured he would miss the attention despite ignoring the attention - is this it? The attention? Why would he treat me like he didn't care about me for 4 months and act like he didn't care that I was breaking up with him and then do these things? I was a nice gf! Easy on the eyes and very nice texts ( for the most part)


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  • Well I think it's a little paranoid to assume that the FB requests and the private calls were him in the first place.

    • It's pretty obvious...

    • Actually it's not at all, if I was in your position I would not have even linked the break up, the calls and the Facebook requests. Like I said, seems pretty paranoid to me.

      I'm not saying it isn't him, but I would say the chances are pretty low.

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  • That's just wrong..
    He probably is really confused.. or a jerk.
    There is no reason to toy with someones feelings like that and if you guys were in a healthy relationship it wouldn't have the situation of him ignoring you, if there was a problem with the relationship you'd think he would be able to talk it out with you.
    I think he probably wanted others so he put you up on a shelf then decided that he enjoyed having you around to beg for conversation. Fuck him! you could do so much better and never settle for less than what you deserve, and from what you have said you obviously don't deserve to get ignored.


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  • Never know if it was him or not... assuming it was him who fb'ed and called I would say maybe he realized that he liked you but really is to unstable to make up his mind. Can't really say too much else.

  • You don't know 100% that it is him. If it is then he might be one of these egotistical nut jobs that can't believe any woman would break up with him


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