Things I wish I had said?

My ex broke up with me last Friday for not texting him all week... I simply replied "If thats how you feel don't ever change your mind.. its not fair to keep my heart" but I wish I had explained...

" Growing up my mom always gave me to babysitters & my dad was gone working even when she was around she hated me she left me at 11 & I got taken away from my dad... I had nothing & no one till I was a teenager when my dad finally got me back & but he still was never there... everything everyone I've ever loved disappears.. I believe in nothing & no one... I trust no one correction I observe & calculate through past actions, personality, behavior patterns.. then trust that you'll do what I know you're gonna do... we've gone back and forth four years now, at first I tried... harder than I've ever tried! I called, I texted,.. tried to be supportive and every time you push me away you only call me on the weekend.. so ofinally dump you & you crawl back & I give you one last chance... the reason I didn't text is I wanted to know if someone can change.. if you'd call, text or make an effort.. but you didn't so it was up to me to change I done trying for you.. its demeaning to love you"


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  • I didn't read the whole thing just the reason he broke up with you, and for fucks sake if a guy will break up for something as stupid as texting its not worth your time or emotional effort, go on to someone who actually appreciates you and don't dwell on an immature child that will learn a hard lesson about life and love. Move on for your own emotional sake


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  • I dumped my bf for ignoring my call too. So I understand that it seems simple but the reason behind it validates if. I am not saying you are wrong or right but you have some issues that you need to deal with as well. Those thoughts cripple your life someway sometime. They did mine. It is always good to be open in relationships in my opinion.


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