How Can I get her to come back to me?

Hello, I am a junior in high school. I was recently exclusively hooking up with a freshmen. We went on a date and it went well. We hooked up a couple times before that as well. After the date she went on vacation and we texted everyday. We hit each other up pretty equally. two days after she came back, she texted me saying she just wants to be friends, cause she doesn t want to be "with anyone at the moment." She still snapchats me, I don t answer. And I always see her looking at me in the hallway. What should I do. How do I get her to want to be with me? should I ignore her for a month?


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  • If she keeps looking at you and giving signals I think she might have thought about it over vacation and decided that when she got back she would wait it out and see if you particularly would do anything to fight for her and persuade her to date you. I don't think she could've gotten over what you had so quickly. It could be that she is going through a confusing time. Maybe pressure at home or school and is try a figure out what she wants. But you could go about it two ways depending on how you feel. 1 be real cool and come in everyday looking yo hottest showing her what she's missing out on so she'll be on the edge of her seat tryin to resist. Or 2 show her how much you still care and do lots of spontaneous demonstrations of your wanting of her back to surprise her. :)


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  • Text everyday? Nah, you're too available.


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  • Ignore her? No. That will make things worse because she will think you're angry. Which its alright if you are. But tell her you haven't been answering back because you feel differently. Tell her how you feel and that you want to be in a relationship. Talk it out. You don't want to ignore because it won't explain to her what you want. All you can do now is talk about it and wait. Hopefully she will end up rethinking her decision.

  • Hey Knick she's pretty young.
    I'm not sure if you're having sex but it sounds like it. If you're more than 2 years older than her I would be very very careful.
    Some states are willing to put all the blame on you, and give you a very long sentence in jail.
    Give her some space.
    Give yourself some space.
    Rethink this whole thing and be responsible.
    Don't hurt her, and don't hurt yourself.


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