What should I do to get her back?

Hello, I am a junior in high school and was recently exclusively hooking up with a freshmen. We went on a date and it went well. We hooked up a couple times before that as well. After the date she went on vacation and we texted everyday. We hit each other up pretty equally. 2 days after she came back, she texted me saying she just wants to be friends because she doesn t want to be "with anyone at the moment." She still snapchats me and I don t answer. And I always see her looking at me in the hallway, but never say hi. What should I do. How do I get her to want to be with me?
My friends said to give her a month of space, and don't even say hi to her


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  • Do not pursuit her. Just say hi casually. Don't try to hook up with her again. Let her come to you but i doubt she will because she said she wants to remain friends


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