Put your ex on blast? Like put naked pictures, messages on Facebook?

This two couple they used to be dated on and off, but now they off again. After less than a month she's posting pic with a new man talking about how she's happier than ever, I guess to Passed him off. Her new boyfriend screen shot her ex text message and put him on Facebook. Now he put every single text that she ever send him on Facebook. What make it worse , even though she have a new boyfriend now she still text him, telling him she still love him. To bring that D over here lol. would ever do that? I think she still love him, that what why she's acting up what do you think? I would screen shot them and put them here for you guys to see, but I feel bad. Because I am a female too.


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  • Dont share peoples private stuff on fb

    • I didn't share, did I?

What Girls Said 1

  • She's hung up. Fo sho.


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