I was in a rebound relationship. Help?

So I was unknowingly drawn into a rebound relationship with a guy who just broke up with his ex before he got into one with me. We were together for a month and really got to know each other and I fell really hard really fast. He would always tell me that he really liked me and all of this stuff that I don't even know whether or not was the truth. Anyway two days ago he hit me with the "I'm still in love with my ex" bomb and broke up with me. I asked him a bunch of times during our relationship if I was a rebound and he said no. So this hit me out of nowhere and now I'm extremely heartbroken.
How do I deal with this? I've never been dumped before and he's only my second bf. (I'm almost 20). Also, is it possible for "rebound relationships" to get back together? Or will he just never miss me at all?


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  • i suspect he would have been in contact with his ex for that whole month, and you acted as emotional support while they patched things up? If he's no where to be found, it would be best to focus on moving on, he's a goner. Not saying he wouldn't come back, but he's clearly going to be pursuing it with this ex first.

    • Well I know he can't get back with her. And I've talked to her and she wants nothing to do with him. So I already know they won't get back together.

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    • I never thought of it like that. Me and his ex aren't friends but we've talked before. She messaged me telling me that she isn't mad that me and him were dating and we got to talking for a while.
      I mean he treated me well during our relationship and was supportive of me. I think you're right and maybe he doesn't know how to handle all of these feelings? Or maybe he just never liked me in the first place, I don't know. It's such a confusing situation. I know all I can do is give him space to figure himself out. But I don't know if I should continue to hold that hope that we'll get back together.

    • Typically speaking, yeah, guys need space. I guess I'd say keep yourself open to possibilities as long as you see practical, but not so long that you wind up in a depression. I don't know how to gauge how long that would take. It would be important to express that you would be willing to patch things up (if you really are), but that he would need to be certain. Don't take him at his word if he says he's changed or decided, but don't straight-up doubt him or insult him for saying it. They say actions speak louder than words, but what actions? Basically, the idea is to give him space to figure things out, but ensure that he knows you'd like to be there if he does figure it out and wants you back.

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  • Was it only a month that it lasted


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  • From what it sound like, yeah, you were just a temporary replacement for his ex.

    Can't say for sure though.

    Sorry about that :(

  • Sounds like you're heartbroken. You dont need this pain, and he obviously didn't care for you cause he would leave you heartbroken.


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