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So blah blah we broke up a long time ago, he broke up with me and it really tore up our friendship. We spoke here and there and it was really civil and friendly. I met up with him during the summer to apologize for some of the drama that happened between me and him during this break up and he accepted it and we spoke for a bit. I haven't had the chance to talk to him since then and since he's coming back winter break, do you guys think it would be weird to ask him? I'm just sort of nervous, just cause I really don't know my feelings for him, but if anything I do miss the friendship we had. Thoughts?


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  • So you apologized to him for whatever a few months ago and parted on friendly terms, it seems. Go ahead and call him when you know he's back. You can invite him for a drink, a movie, Starbucks and so forth, or you can tell him you need or want to go somewhere but you don't feel comfortable going alone, or you can ask his help with something he might know a bit about. The idea is to keep things casual and not a major event thing.

    Are you really sure all that is in the past? Once you guys start chatting those personal disconnects might appear again. But maybe you've both matured a tiny bit and aren't the same people. Who knows? So, if you trust your sixth sense it might be worth creating a new dimension in your friendship.


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